tesa®-Product Lines


The tesa ® range is divided into product lines, the terms of which refer to a specific product type.
The following list shows how diverse the offer is.



Tapes with fabric backing. Open or closed (coated) surface, available in various colors. Product example: tesa 4651 (premium tape), tesa 4541, tesa 4663 (duct tape)


Tapes with film backing of various kinds, e. g. PP, PE, Polyester and PVC. Product example: tesa 4104, tesa 4129


Double coated tapes with carriers of paper, films, fabrics or foam. Also without backing (so called transfer tapes). Product example: tesa 4900, tesa 4965, tesa 4970


Tapes with expendable film backing. Product example: tesa 4163, tesa 4169

tesa® heatactivated foils (HAF)

Pressure- or temperature setting adhesive films for high composite strength. Product example: tesa 8400-8405


Tapes with a smooth, weak or strong creped paper backing. From dimension stable up to very extensible. Product example: tesa 4306 (premium), tesa 4322, tesa 4432


Tapes, especially developed for packaging purposes, with backings e. g. of PVC, PP and fiber reinforced films. Product example: tesa 4024 (PP), tesa 4124 (PVC), tesa 4313 (paper)


Double-sided coated tapes in different thicknesses and with different backings (rigid film, soft films, fabrics) for bmounting of clichés in the printing industry. Product example: tesa 52310, tesa 52330

tesa® Bodyguard

High-quality protection films for freshly painted surfaces. Product example: tesa 50530

tesa Easy Cover®

Folded cover material consisting of tapes with paper or fabric backing and paper- or film-liner. Product example: tesa 4364, tesa 4371, tesa 4373

tesa EasySplice®

Double-sided coated, integrated splicing tapes in different versions for splicing in paper-, print- and film-industry. Product example: tesa 51700, tesa 51800

tesa Powerstrips®

Double-sided die-cuts, easy and fast to remove. Product example: tesa 58000, tesa 58013

tesa® Softprint

Double-sided tapes in different thicknesses with foam backing for mounting clichés in printing industry. Product example: tesa 52015, tesa 52060


Our own brand


Adhesive tapes with a fabric carrier. Open or closed (coated) surface, in various colors.


Adhesive tapes with a film carrier made of various types, such as Kapton, PET, PI, PP, cellulose


Double-sided adhesive tapes with carriers made of various materials such as tissue, PET film, PET scrim, PP film, PVC film, non-woven, without (transfer tape)


Kraftpaper adhesive-tape


Hook and loop tape


Adhesive tapes with a flat or highly creped paper backing, as well as special paper-based fiberglass filament products. From dimensionally stable to very extendable.


Adhesive tapes with an aluminum or aluminum / polyester carrier.


PE foam tape


Packaging and Strapping tapes with various film backings, e.g. MOPP, PE, special paper, kraft paper.


Strapping adhesive tapes with various film backings, e.g. MOPP, PE, special paper, kraft paper.


Filament tapes (glass fiber filament) with BOPP film or PET film


Butyl adhesive tape

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