Adhesive tapes, single / double-sided


As a sales partner and converter for well-known manufacturers in the adhesive tape industry, we process and sell a wide range of products from our partners as well as private label products.


Working aids/Tape dispensers

tesa® dispensers - simplify you work with tapes.

Washi paper : Masking tapes

A washi paper masking tape is made using Japanese natural local fibers. It is a highly performing fine line masking tape, perfect for masking different kinds of surfaces

Acrylic tape ACXplus + special tapes

ACXplus double-sided high-performance acrylic tape, for constructive long-time adhesion, very high bond, compensation of extreme physical tension by viscoelasticity, high resistance against temperature and different weather conditions.

Metal-, Aluminium Tapes

Single-sided adhesive, with and without liner, ageing resistant, lightfastness, resiliant to mechanical and thermal load, vapour diffusion tight.

Butyl/Bitumen Tapes

One- and double-sided, diffusion resistant, cold-welding, lightfastness, weather-, ageing- and moisture-resistant.

Double-sided Tapes

adhesive on both sides, with release liner (paper, film etc.), high ageing resistance and lightfastness, mechanically and thermally resilient, vapour diffusion tight.

Filament Band


One side self-adhesive, with pp- or pet-backing, fiberglass-reinforced, standard- or special versions, mono- or bi-directional reinforced, high tear strength.

Cloth Tapes

One-sided and double-sided adhesive, cellulose tissue, cotton fabric, open or polyethylene-coated cloth scrim, aluminum laminated, weatherproof and ageing resistant, tear proof and flexible, different colours, writeable.

tesa®-Identification Tapes

Can be processed immediately after the liner has been lift off. Because of their handy format, packs or individual sheets, the latter combined by the user with a clip to form an assortment book, can be carried easily.

Velcro / Hook- and loop Tapes

Hook- and loop-tapes, self-adhesive, for sewing on or as back-to-back-solution (reusable and flexible), hook- and loop-circles, delivered on rolls or in dispenser-boxes, different dimensions, standard in white and black, further colors on request.

Floor marking- Hazard- and Anti-Slip Adhesive Tapes

The frequency, severity and consequences of accidents are mostly underestimated. Stumbling, slipping and falling incidents have been at the forefront of accidents in operational activities for years.

Gummed (wet) Tapes

Ecru brown, fully bleached white or color printed (full surface), different base paper weights, standard sizes are roll lengths of 200m and widths between 20 and 80 mm, available with reinforcing filaments e. g. double longitudinally reinforcement or double longitudinally reinforcement with an additional sine curve or also a diagonal reinforcement.

Paper/Masking Tapes

Single-sided adhesion, smooth, flat- or high creped, form dimensionally stable up to highly extensible, temperature resistant or also residue-free removable , wet grinding resistant.

PVC-Adhesive Tapes

Different applications often require individual solutions. tesaflex® soft PVC tapes offer suitable solutions for electrical insulation as well as for marking, bundling, repairing and many other tasks.

Foam Adhesive Tapes

riwo foam-tapes, one- and double-sided, available in different dimensions and thicknesses.

Strapping Tapes

Single-sided adhesive with a MOPP-film carrier, high tensile strength, minimal elongation, good resistance to heat and cold, easy to remove from many surfaces, resistant to scuffing and to acids and alkalis.

Printed Adhesive Tapes

Advertise with your name on your individually made packaging tapes.

Adhesion know-how Knowledge center

Here you will find everything you need to know about bonding, tapes, technology, materials etc.