Technoloy of adhesion


Here we would like to bring you closer to the basic technologies in a compact form.

Construction of adhesive tapes

We distinguish in principle between...


Carrier materials are relatively thin, flexible materials, which are coated with adhesive.


Shows, in which a tape tearing force stress, therefore, the tensile force at the moment of rupture.

Adhesion and bond strength

Best adhesion values are achieved in consideration to surface, temperature, processing when the following conditions are met.

Notes for bonds on common substrates

Although usually almost all materials are easily bonded, it should be noted that some materials are non-sticky.

Instructions for removal of adhesive tapes

The tesa® range contains products that have been developed for short-term, longer-term and permanent bonding.

Technical Definitions

Different definitions related to the properties of adhesive tapes.

Partnerships National and international

Quality, competence and technology - innovation, know-how and guaranteed quality standards make us a sales partner and converter for well-known manufacturers in the adhesive tape industry.


Adhesion know-how Knowledge center

Here you will find everything you need to know about bonding, tapes, technology, materials etc.