Basics of adhesive technology


Below you will find an overview of the basic influencing factors in the field of adhesive technology.

Load types of adhesive joints

We distinguish five main types of load.

Chemical Influences

In many applications, tapes and adhesives have to be resistant to chemical influences.

Initial and final adhesion strength, influence of adhesive thickness

Soft-set adhesives generally have a higher initial tack than hard set adhesives.

Surface Energy [dynes/cm=mN/m]

Generally a good adhesion is achieved on a material with a high surface energy. Bonds are critical on low energy surfaces.

Surface Preparation

An important parameter for a functional adhesion is the optimal preparation of substrates, so highest possible adhesion can be archieved.

Temperature resistance

Temperature resistance strongly depends on the types of loads that occur during the application as well as the forces and length of exposure


Primarily for outdoor applications additional factors such as UV radiation ...

Adhesion know-how Knowledge center

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