Acrylic tape ACXplus + special tapes


ACXplus double-sided high-performance acrylic tape, for constructive long-time adhesion, very high bond, compensation of extreme physical tension by viscoelasticity, high resistance against temperature and different weather conditions.



  • permanent bonding of glass and metal or plastics (flat screens)
  • highly resistant bonding of windows and PVC-frames (dry glazing)
  • high strength bonding of stiffening profiles and thin metal doors (elevators)
  • invisible fixing of aluminum composite panels on metal substructures (facade panels)
  • permanent bonding of plastic and lackered metal (automotive)
  • permanent bonding of glass and metal in modules and substructures (solar panels)
  • invisible bonding of transparent covers on metal frames (labels and signs)


Informationsbroschüre ACXplus-Klebebänder - Produkte und Anwendungen [PDF]