Cloth Tapes


One-sided and double-sided adhesive, cellulose tissue, cotton fabric, open or polyethylene-coated cloth scrim, aluminum laminated, weatherproof and ageing resistant, tear proof and flexible, different colours, writeable.



  • all-purpose application
  • for marking, bundling, insulating, mounting, sealing and packaging
  • bonding of floorings and carpets (especially on rough substrates)
  • self-adhesive equipping of decorations
  • cutting and edge protection
  • gaffer-tape for on-stage- and back-stage-applications

Cloth scrim backing

The cloth scrim backing is significant for the flexibility, tensile strength, hand tearability and many more special features of the tape. An important quality criterion is the so-called “mesh-count“, i.e. the number of threads in longitudinal and transverse direction. Here the following applies: the greater the number of threads the … higher the quality of the tape and … the better the mechanical properties of the tape

** The following materials can be used as backing for scrim tapes:**

  • cotton
  • cellulose tissue
  • PET-cloth
  • mixed cloth
  • specialities


Information broschure cloth tapes [PDF]