Floor marking- Hazard- and Anti-Slip Adhesive Tapes


The frequency, severity and consequences of accidents are mostly underestimated. Stumbling, slipping and falling incidents have been at the forefront of accidents in operational activities for years.


Marking- and Hazard- Adhesive Tapes

Single-sided adhesion with plasticized PVC-film carrier, highly resistant, wears well, permits curve forms without creasing, for long term and demanding applications. Good adhesion on most surfaces. Hand tearable and lead-free.


Marking out working areas, danger zones, warehouses and production halls.

Anti-slip Adhesive Tapes

Single-sided adhesion with a special coated PVC-film carrier, extremely strong adhesion on a wide variety of surfaces, for internal and external use, up to 2 years durable anti skid with regular use.


Safe footing where there is danger of slipping, for stairs and steps which need to be clearly marked (DIN 51130/DIN 67510) e.g. on factory floors, on vehicles or on roads and building sites.


Marking, warning and anti-slip tapes [PDF]