Foam Adhesive Tapes


riwo foam-tapes, one- and double-sided, available in different dimensions and thicknesses.



Open-celled and soft, with middle carrier as overstretching protection, compensates larger unevenness.


closed-cell, physically cross linked, white & anthracite, soft with smooth surface, high resistance to ageing, insensitive to moisture.


closed-cell, flexible and soft, no middle carrier, very good resistance to ageing, weather, temperature and UV, resistant to many alkalis, self-extinguishing.


closed-cell cellular EPDM rubber, for example with a fleece middle carrier as overstretching protection, resistant to ageing and slight acids/alkalis, resistant to moisture, UV-rays and ozone.


  • riwomoll-PUR-foam…

    • …universal sealing tape against draft and dust
    • …for soft storage and noise reduction
    • …vibration protection at machines and devices as well as protection against shocks, multiple uses in the building industry
  • riwomoll-PE-foam…

    • …internal/external sealing of glass-windows
    • …sealing material, for example in ventilation construction
  • riwomoll-PVC-foam…

    • …sealing tape against dust and moisture
    • …padding and sealing in the automotive industry
    • …sealing of climate and extraction systems.
  • riwomoll-rubber-foam…

    • …universal-sealing tape against dust, moisture and chemicals in the metal-, building-, electric- and automotive-industry
    • …impact sound insulation in wooden staircase construction


Structure of foam adhesive tapes