Double-sided Tapes


Adhesive on both sides, with release liner (paper, film etc.), high ageing resistance and lightfastness, mechanically and thermally resilient, vapour diffusion tight.


Non-woven Adhesive Tapes

Double-sided adhesion, temperature resistant, also available in very thin versions, adapts very well to uneven surfaces.


  • mounting of roof lining in car construction
  • mounting of signs, screens and scales
  • self-adhesive preparation of advertising and decoration materials.
  • splicing of paper- and film-rolls
  • self adhesive preparation of plastic bags and dispatch envelopes.

PET-Adhesive Tapes

Single- and double-sided adhesive, tear proof, resistant to ageing and heat resistant up to 180°C, good resistance to chemicals, available in transparent or coloured.


  • from temporary protection up to permanent sophisticated applications
  • suitable for mounting, covering, protection, insulating, reinforcing
  • very suitable for for electrical applications


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